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Shampoo & Conditioner

Anthocyanin Acid Shampoo
300ml /10.14FL.OZ., 970ml / 32.79FL.OZ.
Anthocyanin Acid Shampoo - Prevents bleaching of hair and neutralizes brassy tones. Cools the scalp and restores a healthy luster and brilliant shine to a dull hair. It also improves softness.
Anthocyanin Non Ion Acid Conditioner
300ml /10.14FL.OZ., 970ml / 32.79FL.OZ.
Anthocyanin Non Ion Acid Conditioner - It is light acidity product, there will be less irritation and trouble on scalp and hair. It makes softness and elasticity on stiff hair due acid color dye. It protects the colors from fading and keeps vivid color by forming a protective layer on hair coloring.
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