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Sarangsae Oxidizer 
1000ml / 33.81FL.OZ. 20Vol.(6%) 30Vol.(9%) 40Vol.(12%)
Sarangsae Oxidizer - Superior Oxidizing Action / Containing Herbal Polyol / Forming Protective Membrane for Scalp Phyto 
Moisture ingredient which is in strawberry and corn reduces stimulation on the scalp and hair from oxidation, as it forms a protective layer on the scalp.
Anthocyanin Fixing Aqua 
150ml / 5.0FL.OZ., 480ml / 16.23FL.OZ.
Anthocyanin Fixing Aqua - AHA / Water-soluble Silicon / Plant Protein / Keratin Protein / Benzyl Alcohol 
Anthocyanin Fixing Aqua is the Anthocyanin Acid Color absorber, used to maintain hair color for a longer period of time and the same time it strengthens the silky texture of the hair and enhances the hair color to be brilliant and vivid.
Anthocyanin Second Edition Acid Color (Hair Manicure)
110g / 3.88OZ., 230g / 8.11OZ. 
Anthocyanin Second Edition Acid Color  - Anthocyanin Second Edition Acid Color is analyzed and improved with Sarangsae’s know-how. It remains as gel type, allowing easier application without dropping of the mixture with excellent spreadability. Polymer-surfactant and special complex which is the serial of lanolin extracted from wools, these ingredients help to increase color fixation and reduction of fading and loss of the color.
Anthocyanin Acid Color Hair Chart
50 kinds of prevention of fade, vivid, and bright color
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