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Erba Strong Hard Gel
450ml / 15.87OZ.
Erba Strong Hard Gel - Strong Setting Capacity / Protecting Hair from Noxious / Environment / Long-Lasting Setting Effect Grain extract from oat gives moisture and nourishment. It has a strong adhesive strength and extraordinarily strong setting power. It maintains your hair setting for a long time.
Erba Crystal Fix Hair Wax
100g / 3.52OZ., 200g / 7.05OZ.
Erba Crystal Fix Hair Wax - Looks and Feels Soft / Setting Wet and Shining / Contains Embryo Bud of Rice, Portulaca Extracts, and NMF
It is aqua type with high viscosity. It is easily usable for both long hair and short hair. Containing embryo bud of rice, Portulaca extracts, and NMF, it gives hair moisture and shine.
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