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Erba Classico 3Way Treatment
1000g / 35.27OZ., 500g / 17.63OZ. 
Erba Classico 3Way Treatment - Silk protein / chitosan / LPP component of the Three effect 
Silk protein components acting give softness to the hair and enhances the long-lasting moisturizing effect. At the same time, the scent of a lavender gives you a calming sensation. In addition, high concentrated of chitosan and LPP components help a dry, damaged hair to be vibrant and healthy.
Erba Classico L.P.P. Treatment
500g / 17.63OZ.
Erba Classico L.P.P Treatment - Having Vitamin Complex Ingredient / Containing LPP Ingredient / Containing Hair Protecting Ingredient 
A vitamin complex ingredient increases the connecting power of moisture in hair and silicon makes the hair look shiny and firm by its coating effect. L.P.P. Ingredient enhances the hair color and perm of a damaged hair.
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