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Erba Classico Capeli Risseta
100ml / 3.38FL.OZ.
Erba Classico Capeli Risseta - Containing Natural Olive Oil / Increasing Hair Softness / Excellent Hair Coating Power 
Natural olive oil makes the hair soft. Silicon oil with excellent hair coating powers protects the hair from damage. It makes extremely damaged hair healthy and vibrant. 
Erba Classico Klarysage Hair Glaze
500g / 16.9OZ. 
Erba Classico Klarysage Hair Glaze - Vivid Expression / Natural Hair Setting Effect / Continuous Hair Elasticity. 
It makes hair vivid and moisturized. Clary sage perfume gives a delightful feeling.
Erba Classico Losewood Hair Lotion
500ml / 17.6FL.OZ.
Erba Classico Losewood Hair Lotion - Moisturizing Effect / Excellent Hair Softness Effect / Treatment Type
Marine-DNA ingredient which has excellent moisture effect improves hair capacity of containing water. Silicon oil makes hair shining and elasticity.
Erba Classico Two Phase
300ml / 10.14 FL.OZ.
Erba Classico Two Phase - Contains purest silicon oil which shields the hair softly with protection and shine.  Intelligently delivers instant and ultimate care and strength to lifeless, dry and coarse hair.  Moisturizing conditioners help to repair hair structure.
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