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Sarangsae Capeli Risseta_Argan
50ml / 1.69 FL.OZ., 150ml / 5.07 FL.OZ.
Sarangsae Capeli Risseta_Argan - It contains more than 8% Natural Argan. Argan oil of rare plant, grows in the deserted regions of Morocco. It has the ability to contain moisture even in a barren environment. It contains abundant vitamin E and polyphenols which turn rough or weak hair to shiny and elastic.
Sarangsae Capeli Risseta_Vanille
50ml / 1.69 FL.OZ., 150ml / 5.07 FL.OZ.
Sarangsae Capeli Risseta_Vanille - Vitamin A and Mineral in Sweet almond oil regenerate damaged hair. Avocado oil prevents damage of hair through blocking UV. Jojoba oil makes hair soft and bright. 
Sarangsae Capeli Risseta_Olive
50ml / 1.69 FL.OZ., 150ml / 5.07 FL.OZ.
Sarangsae Capeli Risseta_Olive - By containing Olive oil which includes antioxidant properties and natural Vitamin and Tocopherol, it recovers the cuticle layer of tough hair and maintains elastic and sloshing hair. Due to the light silicon oil's excellent hair coating ability, it is very excellent for protecting toughness and cracking.
Sarangsae Capeli Risseta_Keratin
50ml / 1.69 FL.OZ., 150ml / 5.07 FL.OZ.
Sarangsae Capeli Risseta_Keratin - keratin, the protein that forms the basic structure of the epithelium such as the skin, hair and nails and sweet almond oil are quickly absorbed into a dry and damaged hair, enhancing the hair to be soft and moisturized. As it contains Vitamin E that has outstanding anti-aging effect makes the hair shiny and vibrant. 
Sarangsae Capeli Risseta_Complex Oil 
50ml / 1.69 FL.OZ., 150ml / 5.07 FL.OZ.
Sarangsae Capeli Risseta_Complex Oil -  Avocado oil that is rich in vitamin E keeps hair healthy, and it is also effective in reducing dandruff. Flax seed oil containing omega-3 fatty acid provides vitamins and nutrients to hair follicles. Natural tocopherol in canola oil is rapidly absorbed into the hair and gives shiny radiance and elasticity.
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