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Cosmetics, packaging materials supply
Produced in China, 15 other unique containers, boxes, 
packing materials and other printed matter sold abroad.
All the goods are selected after check by Sarangsae China. 
Beauty Supplies and heterogeneous (异种) production and sales of bundled products, 
such as planning 

Hair clips, sponge, glass balls, latex gloves for salon and 
personal beauty products are carefully selected for sale. 
Import and export agent  
Does not exist or is not eligible for regular import and export company company, 
import and export business on behalf of the individual. 
Company Introduction
2009.  Oct
2010.  Jan
2011.  Apr
2012.  Oct
Established overseas investment at October
Preparing Corporate Office opened in Shanghai
worship for Sarangsae Co., Ltd. was established in Shanghai
Sarangsae Co., Ltd. was established in Shanghai
Beauty & Export (Export Agency) 
To start domestic sales in Republic of China 
Get a export certificate (the maritime customs)
Export Sarangsae Cosmetics package items 
Export beauty goods Tokyo in Japan 
2016.  Sep
Office moved to Songjiang district, Shanghai.
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