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We received approval of government In 2004, new product development , 
beauty technology research, etc we do wide range of research activities. 
In particular, all the products are being developed with more than 20 years of experience 
in clinical practice by researchers only tested product release. 
Except for Korea, we do information exchange and introduce new product 
in sample and still going interchange with China, Singapore, Japan, France and America. 
Company Introduction
Product development
New product development
Manufacturing technology
Product training Sales information
Especially ODM, 
there are many choice with various sample
Away from general merchandise, 
development of unique and effective formulations are accelerating. 
Without the production of modular manufacturing 
technician at each site to fit in the production technology development. 
After the development of the product, 
the seller of the product to other marketing materials to provide educational materials. 
Special products (ex. carbon pack), the clinical data, scientific data processing, 
and to provide a power point.
Representative inward foreign education and foreign customers to visit training.
**In particular, heat waves, area, cold area for sale and distribution of severe conduct regular tests to prevent accidents to occur.
Sarangsae cosmetics Laboratory open
Take office Ryu, Changseock head of research center
Take office Um, Youngcheol head of research center (2006.01.02~2010.10.06)
Gain permanent agents compositions Patent (1) NO.0460197
Gain permanent agents compositions Patent (2) NO.10-0594709
Take office Im, Kwangkyu head of research center  (2010.09.27~2011.12.31)
Patent Co2 Pack in Korea(No.: 10-2011-0076086)
Take office Kim, Hyungryul head of research center. (2012.03.26~)
Patent Co2 Pack in Japan (No.: 特願2012-167765)
Gain Patent Co2 Pack in Korea (Patent No. 10-1279020) 
Recruitment of laboratory chief, Jun, Youngkyu (2016.03~)
Inauguration of "Park Min-woo" as Sarangsae laboratory director (2017.08~)
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