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Slimming Line

Estesophy Slimming Double Hot Gel
1000g / 35.27OZ.
Estesophy Slimming Double Hot Gel – Double Hot Gel is a non-sticky gel which helps to form a healthy and fit bodyline. It is quickly absorbed into the skin and helps to discharge waste from the body. Humpy and sagging skin due to weight gains may be helped to shape the skin to be firm and fit. It can be applied to a sensitive skin as it contains Aloe Vera and Portulaca Oleracea extracts. It gives hot sensation deep into the skin when applied.
Estesophy Slimming Hot Gel_Original 
1000g / 35.27OZ.
Estesophy Slimming Hot Gel - It contains moisturizing factor that moisturizes the skin at the same time heats up the skin. It has mild heating effect to lessen the stimulation on the skin. As it contains orange essential oil that has a rich vitamin C, it controls the activity of the active oxygen.
Estesophy Slimming Hot Gel_Rose 
1000g / 35.27OZ.
Estesophy Slimming Hot Gel - It contains rose oil, which has an excellent effect on soothing the skin.  It soothes the exhausted skin and provides nutrition and moisture, making the skin elastic and vibrant.     
Estesophy Slimming Hot Gel_Grapefruit
1000g / 35.27OZ.
Estesophy Slimming Hot Gel_Grapefruit – It stimulates a circulation of blood and lymph by increasing thermal effect gradually. It has sweet and fresh grapefruit aroma oil, which helps in cellulite management as it fosters the blood and lymph circulation.
Estesophy Slimming Hot Gel_Collagen
1000g / 35.27OZ.
Estesophy Slimming Hot Gel_Collagen - It contains moisturizing factors including hyaluronic acid and collagen which prevents drying of the skin after application. You may experience better slimming effect when applied before exercise. 
Estesophy Slimming Hot Gel_Placenta
1000g / 35.27OZ.
Estesophy Slimming Hot Gel_Placenta - An effects such as Placenta, Aloe, Portulaca oleracea L. extracts, it reduces cellulite and fosters blood circulation, making the bodyline smooth and elastic. Use hands, a massage roller or a vibrating massage machine to massage the body for about 20 minutes after applying the hot gel.  You may experience better effect when wrapping or exercise is performed after the massage.
Estesophy Slimming Hot Gel_Ginger 
1000g / 35.27OZ.
Estesophy Slimming Hot Gel_Ginger - It gives gentle warmth in instance when applied. Ginger extracts which has warming effects, quickly manages the cellulite in the body as it promotes blood circulation and drains out wastes and toxins in the body.
Estesophy Body Detox Cream
1000g / 35.27OZ.
Estesophy Body Detox Cream - Detox Cream wraps up enough and makes comfortably the many troubles skin from the pollution by containing aroma essential oils so protects intensively edema and congestion or trouble areas and help to be clean and healthy.
Estesophy Body Cellulite Cream 
1000g / 35.27OZ.
Estesophy Body Cellulite Cream - Caffeine and pepper extracts that are moisturizing ingredient to be blood circulation stimulated effects help blood circulation and lymph flow, and bergamot, grapefruit, cypress essential oil stimulates excreting toxins to be decomposed cellulite of subcutaneous and waste ejected out of the body quickly then, makes comfort sliming body lines. 
Estesophy High Frequency Cream
1000g / 35.2 FL.OZ.
Estesophy High Frequency Cream -This light textured cream helps to moisturize the skin and assist current transmission during treatment. 
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