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Super Hard Matt Butter
80g / 2.82OZ.
Super Hard Matt Butter - It is a super-strong setting used to give distinctive character to hair style. Tough style without gloss, freely sticking-out hair and gives strong volume.
 MET■■■□□ WET□□□ SET■■■■■■■
Super Hard Shining Butter
80g / 2.82OZ.
Super Hard Shining Butter - It is used to emphasize natural solidity style with a intermediate setting. Effective to give glossy and firm style for damaged hair such as dyed hair and bleached hair.
 SHI■■■□□ WET□□□ SET■■■■■□□
Hard Matt Butter
80g / 2.82OZ.
Hard Matt Butter - Function of giving emphasis on the touch and free style, non-glossy tough style, sharp edgy style and strong volume with a strong setting and texture of mat.
 MET■■■□□ WET□□□ SET■■■■■■□
Hard Shining Butter
80g / 2.82OZ.
Hard Shining Butter - Strong setting ability makes firm and natural glossy style possible. It gives natural wave and moderate gloss to short hair.
 SHI■■■□□ WET■□□ SET■■■■□□□
Hard Wetting Butter
80g / 2.82OZ.
Hard Wetting Butter - Natural setting ability makes glossy and healthy style with moisture possible. It emphasizes volume and soft feeling to natural wave and straight style with motion.
 SHI■■□□□ WET■■□ SET■■■■□□□
Hard Hold Butter 2nd
80g / 2.82OZ.
Hard Hold Butter 2nd - Strong setting ability and natural gloss, shine, and texture expression emphasizing setting are possible. It expresses natural wave to curly hair, natural wave, and hair with lots of layer.
 SHI■■□□□ WET■□□ SET■■■■■■□
Mild Hold Matt Butter 
80g / 2.82OZ.
Mild Hold Matt Butter - It makes the best of hair color and wave with natural setting ability and moderate matt feeling. It expresses the vivid color of dyed hair and the natural movement of wave hair. 
 MET■■□□□ WET□□□ SET■■■■□□□
Hard Hold Matt Butter
80g / 2.82OZ.
Hard Hold Matt Butter - It gives strong volume without shine to the easily sinking hair root after styling with super-strong setting and light feeling. Light but strong sticking-out hair and mat texture for tough image are possible. 
 MET■■■■■ WET□□□ SET■■■■■■■
Middle Hold Butter
80g / 2.82OZ.
Middle Hold Butter - It gives volume to perm or long hair with natural setting ability and soft gloss. It gives volume and emphasizes gloss of natural style to perm of long hair. 
 SHI■■□□□ WET■□□SET■■■■□□□
Wetting Butter
80g / 2.82OZ.
Wetting Butter - It calms disheveled hair with light setting ability, calm gloss and moist. emphasizes moist feeling of long dyed straight hair or wave hair.
 SHI■■□□□ WET■■□ SET■■□□□□□
Shining Butter
80g / 2.82OZ.
Shining Butter - It calms the style with light setting ability and calm gloss. It emphasizes moist, gloss and healthy and natural movement of the faded and damaged long hair.
 SHI■■■■■ WET■□□ SET■■□□□□□
Clear Fix Hard Butter
80g / 2.82OZ.
Clear Fix Hard Butter - It keeps the style for a long time without stickiness with super-strong setting, gel type, and natural gloss. It emphasizes the feeling as if gel has been used for styling, such as short hair’s accent, medium long hair’s part sticking-out expression. 
 SHI■■□□□ WET■□□ SET■■■■■■■
Clear Fix Wetting Butter
80g / 2.82OZ.
Clear Fix Wetting Butter - Moist feeling can be expressed to moderate setting ability, gel type, short hair and medium long hair. Fresh moist feeling of perm hair as if shampooing just had finished lasts for all day. 
 SHI■■□□□ WET■■■ SET■■■■■□□
Clear Fix Shining Butter 
80g / 2.82OZ.
Clear Fix Shining Butter - The style is stands out with natural setting ability, gel-type, and strong gloss. It maintains natural style and gloss of long and wave hair for all day. 
 SHI■■■■■ WET■□□ SET■■■■□□□
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