Carbonic Acid Pack Line

Estesophy Black Bubble Pack & Cleansing
22ml / 0.77FL.OZ. × 12pcs
Estesophy Black Bubble Pack & Cleansing - Rich bubbles permeate inside pore, and eliminate waste. Mild fine peeling effect removes dead skin cells, and helps to keep skin tone brighter. 
Estesophy Black Bubble Gel Pack & Cleansing
100ml / 3.38FL.OZ.
Estesophy Black Bubble Gel Pack & Cleansing - O2 bubble permeates into the pores of the skin and eliminates sebum and waste, which keeps skin tone bright and clear. By managing dead skin cells through mild and quick peeling effect, a skin trouble is prevented. Plant component makes dull and tough skin to be moisturized.
Estesophy Carbonic Acid Pack_Seaweed
(Gel 25g / 0.88O.Z.) (Powder 1.5g / 0.05OZ.) × 20set
Estesophy Carbonic Acid Pack_Seaweed - It is comprised of gel and powder. co₂ emerges as the gel and power are mixed together. As it is absorbed in the skin constantly by emerging co₂, it expands capillaries and increases oxygen pressure in the cells, thus fostering metabolism. Nutrients extracted from seaweed help the skin relax, supply moisture and the control sebum for clearer skin.
Estesophy Carbonic Acid Pack_Platina
(Gel 25g / 0.88O.Z.) (Powder 1.5g / 0.05OZ.) × 20set
Estesophy Carbonic Acid Pack_Platina - A emissions of co₂ give the blood circulation stimulatory action, supplying more oxygen, purifying the skin and whitening the skin tone. Also It contains platinum, an antioxidant that eliminates oxygen free radicals which is the major causes of aging. Thus preventing stress of your skin and enhances moisture, elasticity and smoothness
Estesophy Carbonic Acid Pack_Placenta
(Gel 25g / 0.88O.Z.) (Powder 1.5g / 0.05OZ.) × 20set
Estesophy Carbonic Acid Pack_Placenta - A emissions of co₂ supply the oxygen to the skin and hyaluronic acid supply moisture in each skin tissue. Also, it maintains high the moisture contents of the skin itself by creating a powerful water-film.
Estesophy Carbonic Acid Pack_Collagen
(Gel 25g / 0.88O.Z.) (Powder 1.5g / 0.05OZ.) × 20set
Estesophy Carbonic Acid Pack_Collagen - A emissions of co₂ prompt blood circulation by expanding vessels and remove old dead skin cells by the supply of oxygen into the skin, thus excellent brightening effects may be visible. It prevents wrinkles and enhances elasticity by containing active ingredients such as collagen, ginseng extract and hyaluronic acid.