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Basic Care Line - Trouble Care

Estesophy Trouble Care Skin Tonic
150ml / 5.29FL.OZ. (Retail Product), 500ml / 17.6FL.OZ. (Salon Product)
Estesophy Trouble Care Skin Tonic - It contains natural moisturizing factor (NMF) and hyaluronic acid which moisturizes the skin at the same time controls sebum. As it supplies enough moisture and removes oil, it gives a fresh feeling without dryness.
Estesophy Trouble Care Complex Cream
50g / 1.76OZ., 450g / 15.87OZ.
Estesophy Trouble Care Complex Cream - Estesophy Trouble Care Complex Cream contains tea tree oil, centella, and grapefruit which makes sensitive skin healthy and clean. Retinol(Vitamin A1) and peptide, that is a combination of amino acid, provide nutrition and keep lively skin tone. It is a light gel type without stickiness, gives feeling of moistness and refreshment after use. And it also helps to soothe sensitive skin.
Estesophy Trouble Care Essence
40m / 1.41FL.OZ.
Estesophy Trouble care Essence – An oil free essence, controls the sebum secretion and supply water. It contains extracts from grapefruit and adlay which supplies nutrients on skin, helps skin function and makes skin beautiful and lovely.
Estesophy Trouble Care Control Serum
3ml / 10x0.1FL.OZ.x10pcs
Estesophy Trouble Care Serum - It contains skin purification sage extracts which make the skin smooth and firm. Iris and Angelica Utilis Makino extracts prevent skin troubles and refresh the skin and refine skin texture.
Estesophy Trouble Care Facial Mask
200g / 7.05OZ
Estesophy Trouble Care Facial Mask - The washable type pack, containing natural clay which absorbs oil and sebum.  and natural powder, it removes the aged skin cell and impurities in the deep pores. 
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