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Infanta Multi Heating Permanent Solution_Basic
Agent 1: 125ml / 4.2FL.OZ., Agent 2: 125ml / 4.2FL.OZ.
Infanta Multi Heating Permanent Solution_Basic - The easy-to-use liquid type Perm solution which can be used for a straight perm, setting perm, digital perm, digital direct perm and iron perm. It can also be used for regular perm without a heating machine. Beta-glucan increases the elasticity of the hair and enhances the effect It is a fast and easy- to -use product which can be used in a wide range of hair conditions from a health to a damaged hair.
Infanta Iron Straight Agent_Economy
Agent 1: 500g / 17.63OZ., Agent 2: 500ml / 17.6FL.OZ. 
Infanta Iron Straight Agent_Economy - It consists of a cream type and liquid type agents which give straightening effect quickly. Agent 1 is a cream type agent which has strong adsorptive power as it is not liquid that drops during the treatment and agent 2 allows straightening effect to last long and shortens the treatment time as it is a liquid agent. It is recommended for strong curly hair and thick hair.
Infanta Iron Straight Agent_Regular
Agent 1: 600g / 21.16OZ., Agent 2: 600g / 21.16OZ.
Infanta Iron Straight Agent_Regular – It is composed of Agent 1 and agent 2 which are both cream type agents that allow performing of delicate treatments and has excellent adsorption capacity and excellent spreadability. It contains olive extract that gives moisture and luster and at the same time protects the hair from damage. It can be used for both healthy and damaged hair.
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