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Sarangsae Cysteine Wave Lotion
1st 90ml / 3.16FL.OZ. ,2nd 90ml / 3.16FL.OZ.
Sarangsae Cysteine Wave Lotion - Contains natural L-cystine / Bouncy curls / Natural hair-friendly
100% natural, long-lasting hair wave lotion. L-cystine, naturally found in hair, prevents bad odors and moisture loss during treatment and keeps hair lustrous, soft and bouncy. Contains NO synthetic chemicals of any kind. 
Sarangsae POP Cysteine Wave Lotion
1st 100ml / 3.38FL.OZ., 2nd 100ml / 3.38FL.OZ.    
Sarangsae POP Cysteine Wave Lotion - Contains activating agent / High oxidation / Cation protects hair 
Contains urease, which aids in stimulating the penetration of the reducing agent and efficiently cuts the Cysteine combination, and makes long-lasting curls with the help of an increased oxidizing effect in Stage 2. Pop Cysteine Wave Lotion seals moisture in and cationic surfactant protects hair from damage in the salon. 
Sarangsae POP Seaweed Cysteine Wave Lotion 
200g / 7.05OZ
Sarangsae POP Seaweed Cysteine Wave Lotion - Natural Marine-DNA / Natural wave curls / Collagen protects hair 
Marine-DNA, well known for cell production, prevents hair damage and enhances permanent curls. Collagen protein helps moisturize the hair, building health and lustrous curls. 
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